DOB:  2/9/14

ABGA# 10643074

Sire- CJH4 Smokin Hot Big Shot *Ennobled*

Dam- RUM Princess Frost

We are very happy to Introduce "I Can't Stop Smokin' to our program.  He comes to us from Redden Brothers in Indiana.  We have been looking for some outcross bucks to add to our program for almost a year now.  We finally found some good ones, and this is one of them.  He is every bit as good as this picture depicts.  He is another complete package and has one of the levelest tops we have ever seen on a buck.  Coming and going he is impressive.  He has 166 ABGA points!

Willy has never been a show buck, BUT, he is throwing out show winning progency that are not only flashy as all get out, but they are as correct as can be! Willy is probably the most consistent Stud bucks we have ever used.   Willy is almost Ennobled off of progency alone!



Sire- RRD-10B2B AK-47 *Ennobled*

Dam- WWCF Dappled Dimension

Rage is one impressive buck.  He is a one of a kind genetically, and physically, well, you can see for yourself!  He is a brick house.  He's got a huge hip and big front end to match.  He's got a big ol pig butt, and absolutely no extra hair.  He's even filled out more since this picture was taken.  We believe he is one of the best red bucks in the country, if not one of the best ever in the United States. 

Bull Sluice is the Sr. Grand Champion at NAILE in 2014!

Bender's Boers 

BEN9 Willy Wonka

Sire: RBMG I Can't Stop Smokin *Ennobled*

Dam:  LAZYE Beautiful Mess *Ennobled*

   BEN9Bull Sluice *Ennobled    

RBMGI Can't Stop Smokin  *Ennobled*


ABGA# G-10600154

Sire-PAL Box Car Willie *Ennobled*

Dam-BEN9 PKF Sheree

Bull Sluice is named after one of the most prominent rapids on the Chattooga River between South Carolina and Georgia.  I was saving the name for a buck I thought was special.  Well he didn't disappoint.  He has had exceptional growth as a twin, and at only 9 months old, weighing in at 225 lbs!  He has everything you could want in a buck- bone, muscle, mass, width, structural correctness, 1x1 teated, good bite, and a beautiful roman head.  To top it off, he is Full South African.  He was originally registered with the IBGA, that's why you will not find an extended pedigree.  He is a linebred buck, with 3 shots of EGGSFile, EGGSRayMan, and double PAL Cloud. 

Bull Sluice is as complete as it gets!

145 Individual ABGA points, and his kids are already racking up the points in the show ring!

Now Owned by Redden Brothers Livestock

Norman, Indiana