BEN9Tootsie Roll

BEN9 Elektra


    Sire- GJT1 A1 Chicken on a Chain *Ennobled*

    Dam- ABP ET

    We lost Elektra after only her second kidding.  She left behind 2 great producing does, "Irrasista-Bull *Ennobled,* and Screaming MeMe.  Photo is for reference only.

BEN9 Laffy Taffy

Sire- BEN9 Willy Wonka *Ennobled*

Dam- LAZYE Not A Spot


Bender's Boers 

Home to 3 Ennobled Does!

LAZYE Chasing Dreams


Sire- BEN9 Willy Wonka *Ennobled*

Dam- BEN9 Screaming MeMe

LCR95 Sea Breeze

Sire- ADVBG Storm's Surge *Ennobled*

Dam- LGF3 Bringing the Magic

BEN9 Call Me Scarlet

Sire- BEN9 Call Me Mister

Dam- BA CSF Flamingo

BEN9Irrasista-Bull *Ennobled*

BEN9 IrrasistiblySmokin

Sire- RBMG I Can't Stop Smokin *Ennobled*

Dam-BEN9 Irrasista-Bull *Ennobled*

My most favorite doe by both her sire and dam.  She is probably the most Look-a-Like of her grandsire "Bull Sluice" that I've ever seen.  This doe has done very well in the show ring, even against the toughest competition in the country.

Sire- PAL Box Car Willie *Ennobled*

Dam- BEN9 PKF Sheree

​​BEN9 Sweet Uncertainty

Sire- RBMG I Can't Stop Smokin *Ennobled*

Dam- BEN9 Irrisita-Bull *Ennobled

LAZYE Beautiful Mess



Sire- RBMG I Can't Stop Smokin *Ennobled*

Dam- BEN9 Irrasista-Bull *Ennobled*

Sire- RBMG I Can't Stop Smokin *Ennobled*

Dam-LAZYE Beautiful Mess *Ennobled*

Sire- BEN9 Bull Sluice *Ennobled*

Dam- BEN9 Elektra

We are incredibly proud of this doe.  Every single doe she has produced has won an Overall Grand Champion title. 

BEN9Salt Water Taffy

Sire- BEN9 Willy Wonka *Ennobled*

Dam-LCR95 Sea Breeze

Sire:  LAZYE Navigator *Ennobled*

Dam:  WARD Holy Shitaki *Ennobled*


Sire- BEN9 Willy Wonka *Ennobled*

Dam- WARD Holy Shitaki *Ennobled*

BEN9 PKF Sheree

   Sire- PAL Abdul

   Dam-ZBG X27

   This is the dam to the Legendary Bull     Sluice *Ennobled*

Sire- LAZYE Navigator *Ennobled*

Dam- WARD'S Excuuuuse Me!

This doe is my personal favorite on the farm.  Not a huge doe, but a huge producer.  This is the dam to not only our current Herd Sire "Willy Wonka,"  but she has also produced Champion after Champion. 

Acapella is a full maternal sister to Bull Sluice *Ennobled*

Ward Holy Shitaki A435 *Ennobled*

Sire:  10B2B X092 Tabasco *Ennobled*

Dam:  FH1 Prestige Status 

We are very proud to own Holy Shitaki.  She is the ONLY Ennobled progency of Tobasco *Ennobled,* a son of the Legendary AK-47.